Tom Ford excels

I’m a cologne addict. Well, recovering …I think. Anyway, I had about 100 bottles of the stuff. Everything from ROCAWEAR to Tom Ford and John Varvatos. After smelling so much alcohol laced scents, I’ve decided to stick to a few brands that have shown true quality over the years.

Here’s my list of the very best scent chemists for men.

1. Tom Ford – My favorite is Black Orchid which I now consider my scent for any special event. But everything he makes is fantastic. I own Tobacco Vanille, and Grey Vetiver as well, and they’re both amazing. I also have his signature Tom Ford, which is the only one I’m not extremely fond of.  His colognes seem to be less alcohol based and more essential oil based. This leads to longer lasting, and yes, more expensive scents.

2. John Varvatos – I own the entire Varvatos collection. I love all of his colognes. They’re all very different so it doesn’t feel like I have anything similar.

3. Yves Saint Laurent – I have both the L’Homme (more of a day time scent) and La Nuit de L’Homme (more of a night time scent). Both get comments from men and women when I’m wearing them.

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