Lose Your Hair Gracefully



Some men are consumed with keeping what little hair they have. However, even if you dress impeccably, if you’re rocking a comb over, you look reediculous. And yes I know I spelled ridiculous incorrectly. It’s the stronger version.

So, what to do. Here are the rules. If you start losing your hair early, (20-30) shave it completely. It appears like a look you’ve chosen, not forced into. If you start losing it around mid to late 30’s, go for the Jason Statham. Shaved down as low as it goes without shaving it completely. It looks like you’ve accepted the fact that your losing your hair, you’re not hanging on, and it still looks professional.

Listen, we all wish we could have a full head of hair, but make the best of it. I’m only losing my hair on the top back, and I still shave it down. I’m 40, and when people I don’t know see pictures of me with hair, they often say I look better now, as if it’s a look I’m going for. Believe me, if I could have hair that looked good, I would. But I refuse to look like some desperate fool who can’t accept the inevitable.

2 thoughts on “Lose Your Hair Gracefully

  1. Statham looks more hotter without hair. What most people don’t know, HOWEVER, is that for some unfortunate men who are not as lucky as Jason Statham, aside from the receding hairline and hair loss, there are also phsychological factors here at play.

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