Fashionable for Less

Can we be fashionable on a fairly small budget? Yes we can. There are some clothes you absolutely should not skimp on. For example, your suits. Don’t get me wrong, as I said in another post, you don’t have to spend $1000 dollars on one suit. But going below $200-250 on a suit can be the kiss of death. They look cheap, and don’t last long at all. Stick with Jones New York or Michael Kors suits if you want to look like you spend a lot of money but don’t have it. In fact, I liked my JNY suits better than my Armani. Just a better cut for me. Again, these suits aren’t inexpensive so to speak, but worth every penny, and not what most would consider expensive.

Now I’m assuming I don’t have to tell men to always, yes always, have your suits tailored. A well tailored suit makes you look put together. Now this may surprise you, but depending on what size you are, you may be able to find a very expensive suit at a second hand shop. If you take that and get it fitted, voila you look like a million bucks for the price of a dvd. Honestly, that route is a bit time consuming. Looking through racks for nothing, then coming back some other time to see if something new has been dropped off.

I just buy mine new. So say you buy yourself four suits at $250 each. That’s $1000. For the average American, that’s not a drop in the bucket. So.. now what? I mean, that’s just the suits. No shirts, ties, and whatever else you’re lacking. Here’s where you can save some money. Don’t get sucked in by the salesman at whatever suit shop you’re at. You can get top, or near top quality dress shirts and ties at a place like Marshalls. They have name brands for less, and believe me, I’m the guy who’s paid full price for something, then walked into Marshalls a month later and saw it for half the price on their racks. Sometimes you can find high fashion suits as well, but don’t hold your breath.

Be selective, and you can look to your friends as though you’re spending every last dime of your paycheck on clothes. Oh, sometimes you can find quality dress shoes at Marshalls as well, but trust me, DO NOT get cheap on shoes. They fall apart and look awful. If you find a pair of dress shoes you absolutely love, my advice, buy them in both black and brown if you can. You’ll wish you did.

I own twelve suits. I buy about four to five a year and dispose of the same amount. Perhaps I’m excessive, but if you wear a suit often, you should build your wardrobe over time to about seven to eight suits, and rotate the ones you wear the most out after a year while replacing them. Unfortunately, men’s suits don’t last forever if frequently worn and sent to the dry cleaners, but again, quality ones will last longer.

Happy hunting, and let me know what you find.

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