Men’s Fashion Week

Finally, Men’s Fashion is getting the bump I’ve always hoped for. Men’s Fashion sales went up 14% last year compared to Women’s 8%. Now perhaps Men’s designs won’t be just a footnote in the world of high fashion. In fact, January 14th-17th is Milan Fashion Week with Men’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collections, and January 18th-22nd will have the same in Paris.

Very exciting for men who are into fashion. Now we just need New York to have a few days of Fashion Week dedicated to Men’s Fashion. Come on NYC … get on board.

One thought on “Men’s Fashion Week

  1. I’m glad you are taking time to address the topic of men’s fashion. I searched high and low over the last year for interesting articles addressing men’s fashion in a more public forum and there sadly has not been enough interest.

    Your blog is one step towards making men’s fashion a more common topic of discussion.

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