Equinox Gym Outrage?

Apparently the upscale gym Equinox has people in a tizzy over their ads. The photos in question are shot like a fashion campaign by fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Apparently people took t0 Equinox’s Facebook to complain about the too skinny women appearing in their ads.

Complaints like; ” another couple million spent on the degradation of women, good work fitness guys”

The women in the ads are skinny, however Equinox in NYC is filled to the brim with guess who …models. Oh and guess who appears in the ads. Yes, real models. Listen, these aren’t my type of women. I’m attracted to women with a true female figure. But honestly, I don’t understand the problem with this ad. The guy certainly isn’t too skinny. I wish I could achieve that build. If the body type doesn’t appeal to you, or it’s not something you’re looking to achieve, then do what YOU do. Get the results YOU want. Is some ad for a gym tricking you into getting the body you don’t want?

This is the most appealing gym campaign I’ve seen. The only reason I eat right and work out is to fit into the clothes I buy. Not to be healthy. That’s just a by product. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that.

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