Dress Down Culture

Are these New York guys going to the gym?

Have you ever been to Italy? I haven’t, but one of my friends just attended a wedding in Florence. He said the thing he noticed immediately, was that virtually everyone looked better than people do here. Calm down, he meant fashionably. Almost all of the men were dressed well. Many of them wearing suits, but almost all wearing a suit jacket at the very least. And this was, by the way, on the weekend.

So, this prompted me to google ” New York City people”. Then; ” Florence Italy people”. Then I went to images, and sure enough, even based on a random google search, American’s come out looking awful when it comes to how they dress when they’re out of the house.

So why is this? It really makes me wonder why American society has moved so far away from looking good in public. I’ve conducted job interviews where the candidate doesn’t even wear a suit to meet with me. Then, they actually make a follow up call about the job. These people had no idea that the interview was over before they even opened their mouths. What has changed about us as a whole? Can we make a movement towards fashion in the future? I hope so.

Flip flops and a tee shirt are for your yard, not the streets of New York.

Now here’s a street full of people in Florence. Not a Muscle shirt in the lot.

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