The Wall

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or food, we all hit the wall. You know, the wall that you hit head first, waking you up. At that point, you realize you have to change whatever destructive habits that weigh you down. For me, that’s literal. I’m a happy man. My career is both what I wanted it to be and lucrative, and my family life is fantastic. Now whether it was my happiness, or just my weak will that caused me to gain over 50 pounds, I don’t know. Perhaps both.

Well, I wasn’t sure it would happen, but it did. I hit that wall. Although check ups I’ve had tell me I’m healthy, I’ve realized that will not last forever. In fact, I’ve been nothing but lucky. Oh, I’ve had plenty of half hearted attempts to lose weight. But I did what many do. I went extreme. I swore off all unhealthy food and drink, and starting training. This is the problem. I need balance. I’m not truly going to swear off all of the things I enjoy. It’s silly, and makes life and losing weight harder.

So now, I’ve decided to eat as clean as I can while training during the week, and to plan one unhealthy meal on the weekend. If I cheat here and there, then I do. Excess is the enemy. I will stick to this way of eating as closely as I can, but the key is to not hate myself for mistakes. It’s a marathon not a sprint, and self disappointment is what causes people to spiral back to where they started. Life is too wonderful not to enjoy the delicious food, and drink throughout it, but balance is the key.

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