Hip Hop Art Collector

I grew up in suburbia in the 80’s. I was one of only 8 kids in my school who liked rap music. A white kid breakdancing, rapping, drawing graffiti style art in art class, while wearing Adidas without laces.

In my suburban town outside of Albany NY, it wasn’t easy being into the Hip Hop lifestyle. But I really had zero interest in 80’s rock music. I loved so much about hip hop. I was involved in hip hop and house dancing for years. I was even in a rap group for awhile. I took heat from white people, and black people. Neither appreciated my appreciation for hip hop culture. I wasn’t trying to be something I wasn’t. I just liked what I liked. It would have been easier to fall in step with the rest.

As time went on, I also fell in love with the alternative music scene, but always had those hip hop influences. Well I finally feel somewhat vindicated. Although I was never a truly good graffiti artist, I’ve always loved that type of art. And now Graffiti art is widely accepted and collected by art collectors all over the world.

So along with hip hop styling and music, graffiti art is in too. I was ahead of the curve.

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