Traveler’s Companion

I travel virtually every week for work, and when I’m driving, I certainly can’t read. And although I’m a music addict, there’s only so much music I can listen to. This is where audio books come in. I’ve been listening to a staggering amount of them, and if it’s something you’re interested in, I have recommendations.

It depends on what genre you fancy, but give these a try. Before these audiobooks I would have told you that I wasn’t a fantasy book fan. I was wrong.

1) The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson – These are the audiobooks that hooked me. He did a fantastic job creating not just a story, but a world I felt emotionally invested in.

2) The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan taken up by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s death. This is a series of epic fantasy novels in audio form as well. There are fourteen of these, with a fifteenth on the way. I’m only on book 3, but this has been an amazing ride through a world Jordan has created. Many of the characters in the books are relatable. They just want to live normal lives, but aren’t able to.

I often read to learn something. But sometimes I just want to be entertained, and these audiobooks do just that.

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