Kid Rock Feud

Kid Rock has done some great things for Detroit. He launched a new beer called American Badass Beer, and save the Made in Detroit brand from certain bankruptcy around 2005. Both of these things created, and saved desperately needed jobs in the state of Michigan.
Susan Tompor from Detroit Free Press isn’t impressed. She did a little bit of digging and reported that some (although she’s not sure what percentage) of shirts are not made in Detroit. Hell, they made not even be made in the United States. So, does this matter?

There are two issues here. First of all, I’ve done my due diligence and read not only Kid Rock’s response to Susan Tompor’s article, but her original article as well. I will link to both. Susan’s reporting seemed somewhat fair, and she did point out that Kid Rock has done good things for Detroit. However, a lot of her article was quite snarky and more than insinuated that Made in Detroit should, and could be doing better.
Here’s the issue with this blanket sort of thinking. I run a small business, and facts are facts. American made t-shirts ARE more expensive, making the product more expensive to produce. That cost must be passed on in one of two ways. Charging the consumer more for the shirts, or laying people off. These are the unfortunate facts of keeping a business afloat. I’m not saying that Kid Rock, or whoever actually runs the brand, shouldn’t work towards having 100% of the shirts made right there in Detroit. And based on Mr. Rock’s response they are working towards doing just that. But these things do take time. I do feel that Ms. Tompor somewhat betrayed her paper’s hometown by attacking a son of Detroit who’s done, and will continue to do great things for the city of Detroit and state of Michigan.

On the flip side. Kid Rock’s response to Susan Tompor’s Detroit Free Press article may have been a tad bit more venomous than she deserved. In fairness to her, she did point out positive things about both Kid Rock, and what he’s done for the area. Sure, her tone on some of it may have been slightly contemptuous, but not all of it. And inviting her to go fuck herself may have been a bit strong.

I think Robert James Richie is a very valuable and proud son of Detroit, and Susan Tompor may have picked on the wrong son. But Perhaps Kid doesn’t have to beat this woman to a pulp.

I dig that hat by the way. If I lived in Detroit, I’d own one.

Susan Tompor’s original article

Kid Rock’s response

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