Still Holds Up

Have you ever loved a show from your past, but when you re-watched it, the show just doesn’t hold up? It’s just not good anymore. I enjoy a lot of television, but after years and years I just watched my favorite show of all time, and I’m happy to report… it’s still my favorite.

Northern exposure, which ran from 1990-1995 was considered a “comedy-drama”, and most of the humor still stands up. The characters are likeable, and it’s a show that adults will like and kids can watch because they won’t understand some of the humor. That’s one thing that surprised me while I re-watched it. There was quite a bit of humor that was more adult in nature than I realized when I was younger.

Rob Morrow was great as Dr. Joel Fleischman, but really, all the characters were perfect. I even own a Chigliak Films coffee cup. (Ed Chigliak’s film company in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska)

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