Whitney Houston has died. This sparks another sequel of pointing fingers, the need to blame someone, and the eventual demonizing of someone close to her that people will hold more responsible for her death than the rest. I’m waiting for the day when we, the public, accept the tragic, drug related death of a celebrity, and just move on.

The drug related deaths in the “celebrity’ world has been running rampant since the late 1800’s. Virtually uncountable. Check this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_drug-related_deaths#top . It’s a truly stunning account of these types of deaths. And every death of this sort serves as an awareness doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t. Nothing changes. Human beings are clearly, by nature, somewhat self-destructive.

We’re aware of what certain types of behavior lead to. No one puts their hand over their mouth and exclaims their surprise at the fact that drugs strike down abusers. We know this. Whitney knew this. Elvis Presley knew this. Michael Jackson knew this. So before we shake our finger at someone in Whitney Houston’s camp, perhaps we should, for once, accept that this is what she chose for herself. We’ve all had a loved one act in ways detrimental to themselves. We’ve all tried to help them. And we’ve all given up. Because we’ve realized that you can’t help a person who has chosen to live as they live regardless of the pain it causes others or themselves.

People, whether celebrity or not, will continue to die in drug related ways. The data is there. This is no experiment. It’s a clear choice, with an acceptance of risk. There is no villain here, and there is no “reason”. As tragic and sad as it is… it just is.

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