This Week’s Music Obsession

And my most missed band. The Sundays. An English alternative rock band with a stunning lead vocalist in Harriet Wheeler. Stunning as in her voice, but also in appearance. They released three albums in the 1990s.

Harriet Wheeler and co-founder and guitar player of The Sundays David Gavurin married in 1995. They built a recording studio in their home and recorded their third and unfortunately final album Static and Silence in 1997. They’ve disappeared from the music scene.

Over the years, I’ve continued to search and listen to any gossip about the band reforming, or at least the release of something new. No one has heard a peep. This is the band I mourn the most.


Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic– 1990

Blind– 1992

Static and Silence– 1997

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Music Obsession

  1. Here, here! I search the web ceaselessly for information about The Sundays (Harriet and Dave) and nothing. I can’t believe they vanished. No one seems to have heard anything from them. :/

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