Voice Over Work Growing

It’s really amazing, but during what is considered to be an economic downtime, voice over work continues to grow. Technology has caused this continued growth. As a matter of fact, IBISWorld USA released a report that puts Voice Over Internet Protocol at the top of a list of industries seeing the most growth between 2010-2016.  Also in the top 10 are video games and internet publishing and broadcasting.

Fantastic news for the Voice Over Industry, as these industries regularly use voice actors. The video game Elder Scrolls Skyrim alone hired 70 voice actors. Yes, 70. Good time to be a voice actor. Not that anytime is a bad time, but my work increases a bit every year. Even from my steady clientele.

The Voice Over Industry is said to be over $11 billion strong including Business voice overs, animation, historical narration, documentaries, educational material, internet voice overs, jingles, movie trailers, podcasts, radio, telephone, television and Video games.

If there’s ever a time to invest in yourself, this would be it. If you have a good voice of course.

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