Dress Your Age

Honestly, this is the struggle many men (including myself) go through once they hit 40. I don’t feel 41. Or at least what I had thought 41 would feel like. I’m sleeved up on both arms, and I don’t regret any of it. Mine are extremely well done and true body art.  But I do have those as permanent fashion accessories to work with, which sometimes makes it more challenging.

While I think fashion age has expanded because so many of our most famous and most hip celebrity trend setters are actually in their 40’s, we do need to step back and examine some of the clothes people 20-30 wear that we simply should not. I’ve found a video that says it as well if not better than I could have. Gavin McInnes with a very funny, yet true narrative on fashion and age.

2 thoughts on “Dress Your Age

  1. I think it also depends on your look, body type, personality and maybe location. Living in NYC, I see lots of 40 year olds wearing some trendy stuff. However, I do agree there are some limitations to how far one could go with trendy. I actually liked the white wayfarers on him. If he were to have paired it with a more conservative outfit, it might have worked. His hair looked good especially when he pulled it back but I think at his age, his beard needs to be a bit more groomed. See, we all have our opinions. It’s what works best for us. P.S. I bet your sleeves look great!

    • Thanks for the comment! I really thought this video was funny, and true. However, you’re right. Some dudes can pull off whatever look. I actually didn’t think he looked that bad in the beginning lol.

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