The Drowning Men

Because I’m an audio producer and have such a passion for music, I feel like I’ve become a music snob. I didn’t mean to, but if I have to hear one more power cord with unintelligible screaming over it, I may just cut my ears off.

Enter one of the best bands, in any genre, to come along in many years. The Drowning Men. They’ve been around since 2006 and recorded the full length Beheading of the Song Bird in 2009. However, once LA indie label Borstal Beat Records signed them, they re-released it October 25th 2011. I believe it was the best release of 2011.

I’m guessing, and am excited to find out, that their next full length to be released this month, ( June 2012) will be even better. This band is too musically talented and creative to suffer any kind of sophomore slump. If you aren’t a fan yet, jump on the train now. They make my list of bands to play my fictional Caffeinated Buddha BBQ-Beer-and Music Festival to be held no where and never. But if it did happen, they would play main stage.

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