Olympic Opening Ceremony Flop

Danny Boyle directed the opening ceremonies in the 2012 London Olympics and it was… a flop in my opinion. Matt Lauer explaining everything as it went along, because no one on the planet would have any idea what the hell was happening. When you think of England, do you think of the industrial revolution, or the women’s movement? No. We think of medieval knights, dragons, Sherlock Holmes, Willy Wonka, and James Bond. Well, we got a little James Bond, but that was it. I’d even take an Oliver Twist reference of some kind. In act two we finally got some Mary Poppins, and the only highlight on the show, Mr. Bean.

Oh and this big secretly guarded surprise person or people lighting the final torch? I still have no idea who they were. I guess the surprise was; no one had any idea who these kids lighting the torch were.

I was not entertained. In fact, the 3 people in the room with me used the word “embarrassing” in reference to Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony production. I wouldn’t go that far, but I thought it was quite lack luster.

One thought on “Olympic Opening Ceremony Flop

  1. The seats must still be covered with wet paint, nobody sitting in them ?? The photos of the venues in British Press is devistating. Looks like the London olyimpics has flopped out Big Time ! Guess Rommey from across the pond those none puddle jumpers aren’t able to pull it off ! Well cherrio , Better luck next time !

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