Fantasy Football

You’re wedding is Sunday? Oh wow sorry, I have a prior commitment. My condolences and I’m sorry for your loss, but I can’t make the funeral if it’s on Sunday. I have an appointment I can’t change.

That’s right, fantasy football season is here, and that’s how serious I am about it. I have the Directv football package which costs an arm and a leg these days, and I don’t miss a Sunday of it. My wife has been to many an event by herself and for the most part, is begrudgingly tolerant. My friends come over and she makes food for all of us, while I scream at the TV and miss pretty much everything she says during the games. She’s like an angel of tolerance when it comes to me and my fantasy football.

Now on to what’s important. 2012 fantasy football drafting is more challenging than any year in recent history. The running back situation is like the wild wild west. Outside of the top 5 backs everyone’s drafting, it’s guess work at best. The QB field is a bit more solid. There are 4 guys that are above the rest, but after that, there are a bunch of QBs that are good fantasy players and pretty interchangeable. There are a ton of wide receivers out there, but none like Calvin Johnson. As far as the rest, your guess is as good as mine.

My main money draft is this weekend, and I’m pick 10. I have absolutely no idea who will fall to me. None. Will Brees be available at 10, because I’m assuming any back I want will be gone? Certainly Aaron Rodgers will be gone. Or will he? I’m more uncertain with this draft than any draft in memory. I have a list of players I may be able to get in my spot, but only the fantasy football gods know.

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