The Drowning Men- All Of The Unknown

So although I’m a big fan of The Drowning Men, I’m late to the party of their new release. I just bought and listened to it. Now before I review it, I have to say that this band has to be the most unknown biggest deal. People who know who they are don’t just like their music, they love it. But most people don’t have any idea who they are. I don’t get it. How can a band with so much deserved buzz amongst anyone who’s heard their first full length release Beheading Of The Songbird, not gain any mainstream exposure?

All Of The Unknown is their second major release, and The Drowning Men pretty much start where they left off with the first song Lost In A lullaby. Then, my first time listening through, I thought they changed a bit after the first track. I liked it, but at first I found myself liking Songbird better. A lot better. I started feeling let down. After all, this band had became my new cause. My personal music savior.

So I waited two days and listened to it again, and then again. Now, like so many great “albums”, it started to just… feel right to me. It IS great. My brain expected a replica of Songbird, which of course makes no sense. Hey, there’s plenty of that feel on Unknown but there’s also something new. There are some slower, catchy songs some new fans may find very tangible.

Listen, in my opinion, Beheading Of The Songbird was by far, the best release of the year. So did All Of The Unknown repeat that in my mind? I’m not sure yet. But I’ll say this; The Drowning Men is the most refreshing band in music right now. There’s a lot of shyte out there right now, and this band is one of the few roses in a field of music disappointment.

Buy this, and support the band.

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