Is Fashion a Number?

Having grown up with an extreme amount of hip hop influence, I often think about clothes I like, but at 41 years old, should absolutely not wear. However, it’s not always clear. A suit is always safe at any age, but what about how you wear your suit, and what you wear with it?

For example, I see plenty of men who wear a nicely tailored suit with sneakers. I think it can look hip as well as comfortable, and hey, I’m in the entertainment industry, so maybe I can pull it off. Oh but wait, I’m 41 remember? See, these are the dilemmas I face at what I think is an awkward age for fashion.

As we get older, unless you want to be considered an eccentric, ( which may not be bad) the spectrum of fashion trends we can follow changes, and perhaps narrows. But when you’re a man in your 40’s, you don’t want to dress too young, and you definitely don’t want to dress too old. I know I know, it’s tough to give up the rock tee, sports coat, and jeans. But if you’re in your 40’s, for a casual look; switch to a an un-tucked button down with your jeans and sports coat. If you must wear a tee shirt, try plain black. You’re 40 something. No one cares what rock group you like anymore.

Hey, it’s a struggle to not only figure out what makes fashion sense at this age, but to accept that the guy in this picture with his tongue out, who used to be in the rap group pictured, is now 41. It’s okay, there’s a new closet of clothes out there for every age. We just have to know when it’s time to shut one closet, and open the new one.

By the way, yes that’s a pager clipped to my shirt. 22 years ago my friends.


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