Does The Average American Care Anymore?

It’s something I wonder about others, because honestly, I just don’t care about politics anymore. I don’t think it matters who’s in office. And I don’t feel, no matter how hard they try to appear to us as an “average American”, any politician on a national stage has any idea what it’s like to be us.

The fact that there’s actually a major in college called political science is absurd in itself. It’s very disenfranchising. Our country started with politicians who were called to service by their fellow citizens, not groomed to lead and obtain power. George Washington didn’t ask to be President or pursue it. In fact he stepped down after two terms even though there was nothing in the constitution enumerating term limits, and he surely would have been re-elected. Would any President now willingly relinquish power? Even Thomas Jefferson was pressured by the people to pursue the presidency, and at least pretended to have no desire in it himself.

Now, we’re electing career politicians, most of whom wouldn’t be qualified to do anything else, because they’ve spent their lives being groomed for politics. And I suppose it’s our fault, the people, for electing these self serving products? Well that would be true if it was even financially feasible for someone without extreme wealth to run for a high public office. But alas, it is not. The game is rigged, and so we choose the lesser of two evils. I refuse. I don’t care. Death by hanging, or death by firing squad, the end result is the same.

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