Podcasting’s Best Tool

If you podcast or run an independent radio show, the PreSonus Firepod FireWire interface with preamps is a must have. It has an 8 mic capability, so more than enough for your co-hosts and guests.

This thing is solid. We use one in one of our control rooms in the 2 million dollar studio I work out of, and I have one for my broadcast studio at home. Some people get a mixing board, but you really don’t need it these days unless you record giant projects, or you’re just trying to impress. You can run a mixer out of your audio software.

It’s not the newest tool but it is, in my opinion, the best, and has withstood time.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting’s Best Tool

  1. i have this firepodd 4 years ago and I dont know how to use it in a digital recording studio or what software to connect with this interface please help me out.

    • Any recording software should automatically identify your firepod. If you have an Apple computer, Garageband will, but I recommend Digital Performer by MOTU. I apologize for not seeing this comment. I was never alerted. I can help you more, if this doesn’t help, Just need more details about what you’re using.

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