Just When I Thought I Was Out…


Apple sucks me back in. First let me say, I’ve never owned a PC in my life. I’ve only owned and used Macintosh computers, so I never really left Apple completely, but I did leave iPhone. The last few incarnations hadn’t impressed me, so after my iPhone 5s fell and cracked, I bought an LG Optimus G Pro. Big screen. Very big screen.

Not a bad phone at first, but slowed down significantly very quickly. I took many suggested measures to recapture the initial speed… to no avail. I was actually considering going back to a flip phone. The big screen I thought I wanted became cumbersome. I hated carrying around a virtual brick in my pocket.

Then I watched Apple’s 2014 Keynote live. And the iPhone 6 caused me to take notice. The new features, most noticeably Apple Pay, are astounding. However, the 6 alone may not have been enough for me to come back. And then Tim Cook Apple’s CEO introduced Apple Watch. Now, I’m baaaack, and fully on board. I’m ordering my iPhone 6 Plus September 12th AND buying the watch the minute it comes out. Whenever that day may come in early 2015. Hopefully very early. Don’t make me wait to crawl back fully.

Apple… I love you… again.

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