iPhone 6 Plus Review

Photo on 11-4-14 at 1.40 PM

So I’ve had the 6 Plus since it was released, and so far, I believe it is indeed the best iPhone so far. It’s fast and intuitive. I love all of the newer features, some of which may have been inspired by some of Androids better features. There isn’t anything I don’t love about this phone, however I do feel for those technologically challenged folks, this may be too much.

I just had a couple in their 60’s ask if they should purchase the new iPhone. The wife has an iPhone 4, and he still has a flip phone. I wasn’t sure what to say. Yes this phone is amazing, but could someone who’s not all jazzed about new features and shortcuts NOT get frustrated with it? I still recommended the iPhone 6 to the couple, but I have a feeling I’ll be at their house giving them a tutorial on the phone soon after purchase.

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